Why is eLearning part of a bright future considering education and training purposes?

2021-05-04 09:44:30

<p>Probably one of the most repeated sentences in the last twelve months since we started fighting the coronavirus together is: "The world has changed overnight!" And indeed, it would be difficult to find arguments to prove otherwise. But each of these changes is interpreted in different ways, and many of them on the basis of understandable, yet hasty conclusions that are the result of lockdown and all the other restrictions under which we as a society have been for a long time.</p><p>For this reason, it is necessary to respond with a kind rejection to the infamous writings that are often promoted on social networks and in some media criticizing "online teaching" and every form of online education, while negatively affecting the perception of the inevitable role of eLearning platform and this approach, not only in the age of transition caused by a pandemic, but also completely independent of it. This primarily refers to the Bosnian society, unfortunately still mostly trapped in the shackles of traditional, with - compared to almost any other in the world - outdated principles of education and in need of necessary training for new and existing staff. It is on the basis of such negative connotations and assumptions that a specific type of reservation and suspicion is created towards everything that is presented as new and modern. But how much is really "new", and how long has it been in use and an integral part of the most developed educational systems?</p><p>Switching to online teaching, in standard circumstances, would certainly be just a product of imagination for many when it comes to the formal teaching process, but still in a short time the fundamental conditions were provided, and then even faster and more progressively more advanced curriculum implementation and program. And that didn't happen by any miracle, science fiction or magic, nothing abstract. It was the result of the knowledge, skills and dedicated work of web developers ready to respond quickly to all the temptations and challenges in establishing a functional approach to online learning that lie ahead.</p><p>The world of eLearning is like an ever-expanding universe. Every new idea and proposal can be implemented, upgraded and made sustainable, and above all usable and useful. That is why it is important to understand the priority role of everything that such IT achievements make available to us, and it is not any kind of "short-term online help" that serve only as an alternative or in case of "emergencies". On the contrary! In this way, completely new dimensions are opened up to the possibilities, accessibility and comprehensiveness of learning and education in all spheres.</p><p>Today, more than ever before, we have the opportunity to use new technologies in making strides towards catching up with modern trends in science, but also to achieve new, both individual and collective scientific goals and successes. The most important thing of all is that there is enough capacity and resources to design, create and implement such content. They are by no means a superficial and abbreviated format of learning, but they certainly modernize, simplify and make it easier to learn any material intended for educational purposes.</p><p>What needs to be mentioned and emphasized is that the “online teaching”, “platform” we use for these needs or eLearning as a lifelong learning project cannot be insufficiently developed, effective or exhaustive, it can only be content for which the authors have no current idea and a vision of transformation or lack the desire and will to make online teaching part of everyday education.</p><p>As early as next week, find out more about the concrete advantages of the eLearning approach to learning on our blog, which we will introduce to you through several interesting examples.</p>

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